Friday, 24 February 2012

World Art Games UK

The World Art Games is a not for profit organisation, which provides opportunities for all creative artists to take part in international activities with other artists throughout the world. It is the aim of WAG to promote the activities of all the creative arts, with the underlying aim of fostering peace and tolerance between nations.

The focus of the project is the first ever World Art Games which are due to take place in Croatia in 2013.

All creative people are invited to join in this project. All artistic disciplines are included: fine art, sculpture, ceramics, film, TV, photography, fashion, street art, music, drama, dance, literature, cuisine.

Why not become a member of WAG UK?
  • You will have the chance to collaborate with other creative people, both at home and abroad
  • It aims to enable artists to broaden their physical and cultural horizons
  • English artists are offered opportunities to travel, explore and collaborate internationally
  • English artists will be given the chance to showcase their work
How can I become a member of WAG UK?

Please email
Send your CV and a photograph in the first instance.

How can I represent the UK in the first ever World Art Games in 2013?

First you must become a member of WAG UK. You must then send an example of your work to the UK selection panel.  You must also be able to find funding or sponsorship for your participation in the Games. For further details, contact us.

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